Starting to Get Serious

Hi. This time, I didn’t make another painting. I was wondering of trying other things like sketching people. I’m very bad at painting people. I want to paint them someday but I guess I would start small again and just do some sketching. So this picture below was my schoolmate. She really looked good in that picture and was interested of sketching it 🙂 I hope I could paint it too. But again, I’ll do some sketches first. And didn’t do the hands well. I was thinking of practicing drawing and painting body parts and soon put it all together. So, tell me what you think guys 🙂

Complex House

Hi! So, here is another project. I know, I told here before that I am just an aspiring architect. I just do designs. I still don’t know if that would really make an effective house. BUT I hope so. So this is a complex house I made in 3 days. I’m so happy to finally made it.

Its best Feature is may be INDOOR GARDEN. If you could see, the indoor garden has stairs to the rooftop. The roof deck is huge but it could be a continuation of the indoor garden.

Here is the plan of the House:

Here it is:

With Textures in Google Sketch Up:

Rendered in Kerkythea 2008:

Comment Guys!

2 Storeys and a Roof Deck

2 Bedrooms
1 Master Bedroom
1 Master Bedroom CR
2 Comfort Rooms
Dining Area
Maid’s Room
Indoor Garden
Living Room
Entertainment Area
Office/Study Room
Guest Room
Garage for 2 Cars

Classic One

Hi guys and gals!  I made a new architectural structure. This one is actually a restaurant. It’s very classy and suitable for big kinds of event like debuts, promenades and many more. This one I made is intended to be romantic as well that’s why it looked like this. If I put more plants like vines and other beauty instruments in here, it would be perfect!


It should be colored red, pink, or yellow. Also, There should be many plants. There should be outdoor lights and the style should be classic with touch of modern like European Style. What do I imagine when I hear the word, “romantic”? Romeo and Juliet Balcony. This is the first one I thought about so I put two balconies there. Also, it should have arcs on windows. And the light should be yellow but not necessarily. That was just my point of view.

Google Sketchup


Back View

So here is the interior, I didn’t much focus on the interior, But there should be chandeliers and other light sources. If there was a mosaic, If you watched the movie “tangled” and saw the flower mosaic, that would be perfect. There are also two kitchens for the interior is so big to serve all people. Of course, the restroom is also there, but I didn’t put one! Haha! I forgot. There are still many other spaces for restrooms so there isn’t so much problem. I put a balcony inside with no stairs intentionally, Those are only just designs and way to clean windows.

So, that’s it! Hope you like it!

Modern Bungalow

Hi guys and gals! 🙂

Before I tell you about the real topic of this post, I want to share news for you. It’s just shallow. I am going to make a background for our musical play! I am going to paint with acrylic and show you FOR THE FIRST TIME how I paint with it. Hope you wait for my blog about it!

So, here goes the real theme of this post. A new house I designed in GOOGLE SKETCH UP 8. I made this as a request from a friend of mine. He wanted a modern bungalow that has style. I took the challenge and made one. Of course, before I could render this house, I went through several errors and need to do it from the start. I was able to think of this through research about how modern bungalows are nowadays and also I researched about cool styles of art to get me inspired! 🙂

My First problem was really this: I could imagine how would this house would look like but I could not transfer my imagination on the computer so I took so long to get the perfect picture. So here it is:

Tell me your thoughts everyone 🙂 I would totally appreciate. This was rendered already 🙂

Modern Bungalow


I’m falling in love with architecture and design! :)


It’s been a long time since I hast visited my blog! I really missed this! I was really busy with school so I didn’t have the time to paint and paint like before. AND I found a new discovery! I fell in love with architecture and design, well, I used google sketchup to contruct a house and I rendered it using kerkythea rendering software.

And another news, 🙂 I’m starting to paint with acrylic medium! 🙂 I studied how to paint with it and I tried painting for my project which will be an entry for a contest. I still don’t know the result. But I think I’ll start painting with acrylic and start posting again in my blog. BUT this time, I will be posting about architecture and design also. I think I’m starting to be open with new things and talents and I’m liking it very much. I just hope I get better in what I want to do everyday.

So, this is the house I made in Google Sketchup 8 and I rendered it in Kerkythea. I chose to render it with night style because I think the artificial lights give realistic effect to the house.
I also thought about rendering its front view, but this time the sun is the source of light. I’m only starting to learn about rendering with this software. I say, I still don’t have much talent at it but I have my hopes up! 🙂

Tell me what you think, guys! 🙂

Day rendering


What the house Looks like at night