Complex House

Hi! So, here is another project. I know, I told here before that I am just an aspiring architect. I just do designs. I still don’t know if that would really make an effective house. BUT I hope so. So this is a complex house I made in 3 days. I’m so happy to finally made it.

Its best Feature is may be INDOOR GARDEN. If you could see, the indoor garden has stairs to the rooftop. The roof deck is huge but it could be a continuation of the indoor garden.

Here is the plan of the House:

Here it is:

With Textures in Google Sketch Up:

Rendered in Kerkythea 2008:

Comment Guys!

2 Storeys and a Roof Deck

2 Bedrooms
1 Master Bedroom
1 Master Bedroom CR
2 Comfort Rooms
Dining Area
Maid’s Room
Indoor Garden
Living Room
Entertainment Area
Office/Study Room
Guest Room
Garage for 2 Cars